alexis scott

height: 5'6"

hair: dark brown

eyes: hazel

MFA Acting, University of Texas at Austin

BA Gender Studies, Brown University

​laugh:​ loud and often



The Space That Holds Us

Plant Giveaway Mockumentary

Get Out Fast

In Bed

Nine Actors










dir. Sarah Guilbeaux

dir. Ivete Lucas and Otis Ike, Drawing Lines 

dir. Haley Elizabeth Anderson, NYU

dir. Sera Gillow (NYU Film Academy)

dir./prod. Mykal Monroe

dir. Deja Bernhardt

Galt Productions, dir. Gabriel Dean


2010 - present


Paul Swan is Dead and Gone by Claire Kiechel  Paula                             The Civilians, Torn Page, dir. Steve Cosson

Triggered by Gabriel Jason Dean                        Mimi                               The Amoralists, Cherry Lane Theatre 

All Female One Minute Play Festival                   Ensemble                       New Georges at INTAR Theatre, dir. Nicole Watson      

Smith and Tinker curated works in progress       Chelsea Manning            HERE Arts, dir. Anna Brenner    

24Hr Play Festival                                               Player                              Brooklyn Arts Exchange, dir. Ben Kamine                

The Wholehearted by Meghan Kennedy             Jean                                P73 Summer Residency at Yale, dir. Daniella Topol 


*Edge of Peace by Suzan Zeder                      Girl                                  Seattle Children’s Theatre, dir. Linda Hartzell 

Ragtime (the Musical)                                       Brigit                                  Zach Scott Theatre, dirs. Dave Steakley, Nick Demos

A Single Shard by Robert Shenkkan                Apprentice                         Seattle Children’s Theatre, dir. Linda Hartzell 



*Catalina de Erauso by Elizabeth Doss               Catalina                            Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems with Paper Chairs/dir. Dustin Wills

Johnny LaGuardia's Trinitron Mixtape                Blanche                            Fusebox Festival, creator Bug Davidson

Hot Belly by Diana Lynn Small                           Veronica                            Paper Chairs Theatre at the Austin Public, dir. Diana Lynn Small

*Poor Herman by Elizabeth Doss                      Lizzie                                Paper Chairs Theatre at the Off Center, dir Elizabeth Doss                            

Hold Me Well by Eva Suter                                Odele                                UTNT New Plays Festival, dir. Katie Bender

Bright Now Beyond by Daniel Alexander Jones Girl Army/Mouse Queen  Salvage Vanguard Theatre, dir. Will Davis

Church of the Passionate Cat                             Drum Major                     The Off Center, underbelly theatre (

Kingdom by Andrew Hinderaker                         Chris                                UT Austin, dir. Sarah Rasmussen

Elvis Machine by The Duplicates                        Dixie                                Fusebox Festival, The Duplicates (

360: round dance by Steven Dietz                      Wife                                UT Austin, dir. Courtney Sale

The Cherry Orchard by Chekhov                        Carlotta                           UT Austin, dir. Brant Pope

Clybourne Park by Bruce Norris                         Bev/Kathy                        UT Austin, dir. Lucien Douglas

The Threepenny Opera by Brecht                      Jake                                 UT Austin, dir. Halena Kays

Chronicles of Bad Ass Women by Holli Gipson Janis Joplin                      Cohen New Works Festival, dir. Shawn Sides             

  *nominated for B Iden Payne Awards

Select Readings:

House on the Hill by Amy Witting, “Alexandra,” National New Play Festival

Don B’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves adapted by Lana Lesley, “Jane,” Rude Mechs

Fixing Troilus and Cressida by Kirk Lynn, “Cassandra,” Rude Mechs

Slake by Martin Zimmerman, “Ora,” directed by KJ Sanchez

2010 - present

Training & Workshops

University of Texas at Austin
Acting (Meisner, Shakespeare, Comedy, Devising): Fran Dorn, Lee Abraham, Lucien Douglas, Brant Pope, Kirk Lynn

Film/Camera: David Rothenberg, Sally Allen (Brock and Allen Casting)

Movement (Pilates, Laban, Alexander, Viewpoints, Mime, Clown, Combat, Suzuki): Andrea Beckham, Tom Truss, Quetta Carpenter Voice (Berry, Rodenburg, Dialect, IPA): Barney Hammond, Pamela Christian

Brown University

Performance Studies (Feminist, African American Performance, Ethnography): Rebecca Schneider, Elmo Terry-Morgan

Dance (West African, Modern, Post-modern): Michelle Bach-Coulibaly, Deb Meunier, Yin Mei



Willy Wonka Junior, Headwaters Middle School, Austin

RENT, Headwaters High School, Austin


Orchard Project Core Company/ David Chapman, Ari Edelson, Dean Strober/The Exchange

Philadelphia Improv Theatre (Member of House Team“Activity Book”)/Rick Horner/Philadelphia

Manton Avenue Project, Providence RI

Miscellaneous Skills

Dialects: Standard British, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Puerto Rican, Italian, Yiddish, Australian, New Zealand, Jamaican, Russian, US: Southern (Texas, Georgia, Carolina), Midwestern, Boston, California        


Languages: Spanish (conversational), Italian (minimal), Hebrew (can read)                                 


  • Drive manual car                                                                                                  

  • Type 96WPM                                                                                                          

  • Play basic piano and acoustic guitar                                                                      

  • Creative writing (short stories and poetry)                                                                

  • Drawing, Painting, Sketching, Collage
  • Yoga

Some wonderfully strong female characters round out the cast. My daughter was captivated by Girl, an adventurous young woman who has blossomed from a Depression-era orphan of a previous play into a pilot for the war effort. Imbued with Amelia Earhart-esque spunk by Alexis Scott, Girl blithely parachutes her way into the story and the imagination of young audience members.​​

- History and Mystery: Seattle Children's Theatre's 'The Edge of Peace'Annie Fanning, March 2013 ​​​