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-mark roberts

alexis scott is an extraordinary
creative doula.

she creates a vulnerable, ecstatic container that grants permission to dive deep into your process, engage hard questions, and give and receive meaningful feedback. what a gift to spend time with her and the humans she gathers around her, always. your head will be spinning, in the best way.

—Bree Lowdermilk



Alexis is a creator, performer, full-bodied collaborator, and educator. She is an artist with a full heart and a rigorous discipline. Her work is built around the importance and value of community.

-Katherine Wilkinson


A collaborative genius. Alexis is adept at following the inspiration in any setting with any group. With a myriad of talents across multiple disciplines, her attention and focus always brings a joyful magic to the project at hand.

—Michael Joplin 


Collaborating with Alexis is like becoming part of some wild expedition, where I know I am immediately in good hands as we conspire to make something fabulously imaginative and perhaps a little bit dangerous. She is brilliant, generous, sensitive and fearless in finding the edge. There is an immediacy to the way she says "Yes!" that makes any new idea feel like a terrific one, but if it fails she has the facility and aplomb to hold things loosely and with much good humor -- invaluable qualities in any true experimenter.

—-Olivia Gilliatt 


Alexis has an amazing ability to move between the serious, determined, focused artist and straight into GOOF. But what this switch into GOOF territory does, instead of creating a distraction or sending the project off the rails, is to open up and shake the creative experience. Her GOOF-dom injects the necessary play into the space that is needed for great new ideas to dance around and show themselves. In addition to helping to inject the project with energy, it also just creates a much more lovely and enjoyable working experience. Don't sleep on the GOOF.

—Adam Lindquist

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